Entry: What's New Friday, October 17, 2014

2014-10-08 Thank you all my readers. During the last 8 months you have visited my blog 49 000 times and looked at 150 000 pages.
2014-10-07 Adam Taylor is celebrating the first year anniversary of his Xcell Daily blog
2014-08-20 Restarting my blog
2014-07-18 Vacation time. No access to ZedBoard
2014-05-20 As you can see to the left, there is an advertisement added to my blog. Please contact me if your company would like to place an ad at the same place.
2014-05-18 I am going social. Share buttons have been added to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google social networking sites.
2014-05-06 Clive Maxfield at EE Times writes about my blog once more.
2014-03-15 The Zynq blog has been added to the Xilinx Wiki.
2014-03-13 A link to my Zynq blog has been added in ZedBoard.org
2014-03-11 I have written an article for EE Times about my Zynq blog
2014-02-18 Xilinx writes about my Zynq blog
2014-02-10 ElektronikTidningen writes about my Zynq blog (in Swedish)
2014-02-06 Starting a new blog called "Zynq Design From Scratch"
2014-01-14 Updated wildskating.com


Charles Moeller
April 30, 2014   06:31 PM PDT
Dear Sven,

You must be very busy, as I do not see any recent comments/questions/etc.

Do you have many live projects?

I ran across your initial FPGA project (EET 2007) while searching for a simpler interface than XISE.

I used X's 3.1 webpack in 1999 and it was wonderful! Now trying to use 12.4 for a current project and I find it difficult. I could use some advice.

Please let me know if you are free to interact.

Best regards,
December 20, 2008   09:12 PM PST

Can you please review http://www.c-to-verilog.com ? Its a free service for FPGA designers.

June 11, 2008   10:08 AM PDT
Thank youe very much
Steve Hunyady
October 19, 2007   03:10 PM PDT
Many thanks for the FPGA tutorial. And I congratulate you and thank you for advancing the use of open source with ORSoC.

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