Entry: Zynq design from scratch. Part 48. Thursday, June 05, 2014

Measuring Linux usage

I know it is impossible to measure and figure out the real usage of different Linux distributions, but there is data collected from the web that can give us some clues. RedMonk has put together the following graph taking data from different sources.

After studying these figures and looking around in my neighbourhood I think one thing is clear. Debian together with its derivatives (Ubuntu and Mint) is by far the most popular Linux distribution in the world.

Xilinx Linux support

So why is Xilinx not supporting Debian? I don't know. But this doesn't stop us from using Ubuntu to run Xilinx software. I have been doing it since 2007 when I started using Xilinx design tools and continued up until today. So let's install Ubuntu 14.04.

Installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The latest version of the Ubuntu operating system for desktop PCs and laptops, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS comes with five years of security and maintenance updates, guaranteed.

Follow the instructions in part 5 to install Ubuntu.
Yes it is that easy.

Fixing Ubuntu

Folllow the instructions in part 6 to perform the necessary fixes to make the Vivado run smoothly.

Installing Vivado

Follow the instructions in part 7 and part 45 to install Vivado and SDK and you are up a running in no time at all.

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